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Mar 27, 2017 0 comments

4 ways of losing money when filling fuel

Your drivers are good people. They focus on their main job – getting their loads quickly and safely to its destination, but this process also includes filling fuel.

Moreover, long haul drivers are also human. They can’t always think about the best and most economic way of getting fuel. Fueling the big rig is just taking minutes out of a tight schedule and getting back on the road as soon as possible. Sometimes mistakes are made.

We have compiled four ways in which drivers buying fuel with cards can fall victim to their own inattention, the marketing tricks of others and, of course, fraudsters who appear wherever there is money to be had.

1) Your preoccupied driver fills up with the wrong quality fuel. Winter quality fuel is more expensive and should not be used in the spring as the weather changes. Meanwhile, using summer quality fuel when the weather turns wintry can even damage an engine and lead to expensive repairs.

2) Your driver is “a bargain hunter” and falls for deals offered by some filling station chains – fill up with us past a certain limit and get a free hot dog, coffee, snack or whatever the chain is offering. Why not? Drivers get hungry on the road and coffee may keep them alert on a long run. The problem is – the “freebie” chain’s fuel is generally more expensive.  So maybe it is better to pay for a meal with the allowance most drivers are given and not pay for that free jumbo hot dog with extra cents on the liter of fuel?

3) S**t happens. Drivers can lose their fuel cards and maybe not even notice if they have several cards. Your driver just fueled up with card A but left it on the counter and his next filling stop will be in another country where he uses card B. Hours pass, and some dishonest finder is already using card A to defraud your company, but you may not see the transaction for several days or not until you get a shocking monthly statement. Also, once your driver discovers that card A is missing, he may not be able to get it renewed on the road as he needs to fuel at filling stations that only take card A.

4) Fraudsters don’t wait for careless drivers to lose their cards and they don’t risk stealing his wallet. Isn’t one of your best drivers a big man who keeps a crowbar under the seat? Why get caught grabbing for his wallet when you can sneak into a filling station when it is closed (or pretend to be a repair man) and install a card skimming device on the pump. One purchase and your company card is cloned. In a worst-case scenario, the cloned card has a big spending limit, perhaps many thousands. See shocking monthly statement above.

These are four ways that you can lose money when buying fuel with a card or cards. Maybe consider an alternative to the fuel card. Perhaps Instantic?

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