Instantic for
logistics companies

Resell the fuel to your subcontractors and road hauliers

We give logistics companies an opportunity to generate additional revenue on your subcontractor’s fuel purchases by enabling an option of building umbrella agreements, defining commercial conditions, and henceforth organizing and controlling your subcontractor’s fuel purchases. A direct relationship with strong and recognized fuel suppliers makes it possible to negotiate attractive pricing and discounts for your logistics company and to ensure the best conditions for any of your subcontractors.

Instantic reduces the risk of fraud for all parties involved, though it is usually road hauliers who end up paying for fraud. A cashless and safe transaction system reduces the possibility of potential fuel theft and minimises the possibility of dishonest actions from drivers. With Instantic, credit risks are also kept under control, because our online system allows you to link and control subcontractors’ fuel debts with their credit for freight services.


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