It's time to trash your fuel cards.

Instantic offers safe, simple and instant fuel purchase transactions.

Because they are so oldschool and — there is a better way!

One single

Instantic unites fuel stations and authorized truck-drivers in a digital system with an intuitive web interface

Get best

Monitors best price offers in real time and enables/disables specific fuel stations instantly

Simple yet
utterly secure

Upon driver's request system will authorize fuel purchases by sending a code to the driver's phone

Real time

Controls purchases and gets reports in real time, significantly reducing the risk of fraud


Transparent refueling process increases operational efficiency and maximizes your profits

Now that is what i call a genius solution!

Main Benefits of Choosing Instantic

No fuel cards needed. Purchases authorized by SMS. Reports available immediately.

Fraud decreased to the minimum.

Access system and make necessary updates in real time from anywhere — in minutes.

Build your own fuel station network and authorize/unauthorize drivers with a few clicks.

Reduce resources needed for fuel purchase administration to the minimum.

What Our Clients Say

We started to cooperate with the Instantic Company in January 2013, and have continued our productive cooperation for the last four years.

We save a lot with this cooperative alliance. Instantic's system gives us convenient “internet-banking like” management and the incredible ability to manage drivers and stations, provide complete and instant information about purchases. These options have allowed us to improve our process supervision, prevent fraud and minimize human error factors.

A big plus is that the Instantic Company always comes to us to help solve issues system wise, in serving our company's needs.

Olga Martinkeniene
Transport Division Senior Manager

Since we started working with the Instantic system, we are increasingly convinced that it is the method of the future for transport companies and providers of diesel.

We are very satisfied with the system, especially as one of the main advantages of using the Instantic system is the minimization of fraud, which is becoming more and more prevalent, and that security can be transmitted to the client. You do not need cash, credit cards or fuel cards anymore.

The online control of all actions, for example immediate blocking /unblocking, the limitation of daily, weekly, monthly purchases, establishing new authorizations, cancellations of the same and adding new "trucks" are just a few of the advantages.

In our opinion for both, our customers and for us it is the fastest way to secure new agreements / partnerships at national and international level.

Bastian Schmitd
Senior Project Manager

The Refueling Process Step By Step With Instantic

Create customer account

Create customer account

Register driver's GSM number

Register driver's GSM number

Driver orders code by texting (SMS) request

Driver orders code by texting (SMS) request

Instantic replies with generated unique code

Instantic replies with generated unique code

Driver enters code in station payment terminal (POS)

Driver enters code in station payment terminal (POS)

Server validates code and triggers the pump

Server validates code and triggers the pump

Transaction is closed after refill is complete and driver gets receipt

Transaction is closed after refill is complete and driver gets receipt

Advantages For Fuel Retail Networks

Supervision and management of online transactions.

Greater opportunities to oversee drivers, limiting thefts and fraudulent activities:

  • No need to issue and replace plastic cards
  • Self-service accounts for customers
  • Immediate blocking/unblocking of accounts
  • Set limits for each driver at each filling station, individually listing of approved filling stations for each driver
  • Reduce fraud against your customers
  • Online access to the leading telemetry systems, enabling double checking of filling locations and fuel quantity with automatic notification of any discrepancies

Gain additional sales volume via new sales channels:

  • Large hauliers (1000+ trucks), who use Instantic
  • Regional agents, who use Instantic
  • A well designed and low cost solution with cross-the-board acceptance.

Advantages For Logistics Companies

By using the Instantic platform, your company creates its own virtual “fuel card”. The company can offer this “card” to its subcontractors – road hauliers

You retain direct relations with the partners – fuel retailers (no intermediaries) and complete control of subcontractor fuel purchasing

The risk of fraud is minimized (road haulers often end up paying for fraud) and the possibility of driver dishonesty is reduced, as is the potential for theft of fuel.

Generate more income from your Subcontractors. A direct relationship with several strong fuel suppliers makes it possible to negotiate attractive pricing and discounts. This increases the logistics company’s profitability and makes its fuel purchasing offer attractive to subcontractors.

Minimal administrative resources are needed. The greater part of all daily functions are left to the user (limits, reports, “card” user lists etc.)

Advantages For Hauliers

Combine all fuel retailers in single solution with existing agreements and a single oversight system:

  • Choose the best price among your  suppliers for each daily refueling;
  • All transactions done online;
  • No more delayed transactions from previous periods;
  • Fraud reduced  to a minimum;
  • Everyday operations can be done without assistance from the supplier;
  • Add new drivers immediately from any device connected to internet;
  • Block any user instantly;
  • Manage driver limits by Country/ Network / Station;
  • Manage drivers individually or by groups.

Optimize your fuel purchasing: no need to keep track of different fuel cards, their distribution and usage oversight by driver. Instead, one universal solution unifying all suppliers while keeping direct relationships with each.

  • Ultimate control and automatic supervision over your fleet;
  • New users can start refueling right after being added to the drivers’ list;
  • Launch 100 or more new drivers with single import file.

About Instantic


ESSO lubes distributor


ESSO fuel card agents


Magystral card official representatives


Exceed 58 Mio turnover


TankYou - 1st SMS based fuel payment system


Integration with Ingenico POS terminals


Instantic - SAAS platform launch


Integration with main POS terminals and fuel suppliers in Europe

In 1995 we started our business with oil product distribution in the Baltics. As time passed, we expanded our operations and became one of the first fuel card suppliers in the region. The market was booming and our core business became selling fuel cards and fuel services to international hauliers. When dealing with fuel cards, we noticed there is huge bureaucracy, and a big potential for fraudulent activity, so we looked for better options. There were none. Recognizing the opportunity, we combined our knowledge of selling fuel, and our passion for IT, to create a “card-less” payment system which quickly changed the established way of thinking about fuel supply and loyalty programs.

Today Instantic is a unique platform with its options to maximize fuel management efficiency, the avoidance of frauds, the ability to see all transactions online, as well as many other advantages.  We believe we have created tool which is rapidly changing the philosophy of the fuel card business.

Management team:

Mārtiņš Riekstiņš COO
Gundars Ozols Chairman of the Board