Businesses that buy petrol need a convenient solution both for payments and obtaining reports on their purchases. Fuel cards have long been the prevailing solution, but they are unwieldy, complicated and slow in operation.
This is why we, fuel traders with many years of experience in the industry, have teamed up with world-class software development experts to offer you an innovative and advanced solution where purchases are authorised using a simple text message and backed up by a digital system similar to online banking services: it can be used to conveniently browse past transactions, add drivers or draw up any required reports.


Your system account is just like a very practical personal office.
The trader receives access to the system and easily adds the following in the system:
  • Petrol stations
  • Current prices
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Accounts for customers who purchase fuel
The customer, in turn, can add the following in the system:
  • drivers (by entering their mobile numbers)
  • quantity limits for purchased fuel
  • deposit funds
Drivers can head to a petrol station right away to get authorised and make their purchase
In order to make a purchase, the driver simply sends a text message to a special system number and Instantic replies with a unique, automatically-generated code with a limited validity period.
At the petrol station, the driver shows the code to the sales assistant, who checks it in a special Instantic terminal, which also shows the available quantity limit. The operator confirms the transaction, registers it in the system and prints out a receipt.
At this point, the transaction can be viewed on both the customer’s and the seller’s profile in the Instantic system – from any computer with an internet connection.


The customer can deposit funds intended for fuel purchases in the service provider’s account at any time, and as soon as the bank transaction has been completed, the money becomes available in the system and the driver authorised to fill up.
Imagine a world where everything happens instantaneously
Your business will become transparent: adding customers, viewing the customer register, granting discounts, setting up your own network of petrol stations and entering partner stations can be done qui
Everything happens quickly and with ease
As soon as a transaction has been carried out, it can be viewed in the system no matter what your location – all you need is a computer with an internet connection. All reports can be easily filtered and viewed according to customisable parameters.
A new level of comfort and control
The system operates in real time: in addition to transactions, fuel prices and currency exchange rates are updated in real time. There is no delay: the latest information is at your fingertips whenever you need it.
Be informed always and everywhere
Nobody knows the needs of customers better than customers themselves – so why not provide your customers with a tool that lets them manage their own service with no hassle and just as they wish? Instantic allows customers themselves to easily define users, add drivers and review reports as well as the account balance, current prices, exchange rates and discounts.
Put customer service in the hands of customers themselves
The system was developed with security and the protection of customer information as the top priority. All activity is archived. The system was tested and found secure by an independent internet security agency, for which a certificate was issued.
Rest assured: your data are well protected
Instantic easily links up with other systems, both identical and divergent. All the necessary data can easily be exported in the format you require.
Integration with other systems: pure perfection
The Instantic control panel can be accessed without additional installations anywhere with an internet connection. It is also available on all types of mobile devices.
Get ready for the era of tablet computers


Manage the activity of the entire system by accessing it anywhere with an internet connection – with no further installations.
STAFF/USERSGrant various levels of authorisation and access to your employees.
CUSTOMERSAdd new customers. View the customer register. Block and unblock as necessary.
CUSTOMER DISCOUNTSEasily view and change discounts granted to customers.
TRANSACTION REPORTS/STATISTICSBrowse transactions in real time. Use statistical filters and export data in the format you require.
BUILDING A NETWORK OF PETROL STATIONSYour network of petrol stations can be entered into the system easily and conveniently. You can also add partner stations.
BILLING/INVOICE MANAGEMENTEasy billing of customers, impeccable integration with your accounting system.
MANAGING PAYMENTSManagement of customer payments. Synchronisation with online banks is possible to ensure that funds land in the system faster.
SETTINGS (SMS, FUEL TYPES, COMMANDS, CURRENCIES, ETC.)Set up or modify system parameters: anything you need for the system to function.


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