Secure B2B Payment Authorization Method for the Fuel Industry

FuelCode™ is a unique and widely used forecourt B2B mobile payment method connecting fuel retail + fleet card + CRT businesses.
A "soon to be" industry standard
FuelCode, Instantic's payment method, revolutionizes secure transactions in the fuel industry. With its user-friendly approach, FuelCode replaces traditional plastic cards, offering a seamless mobile payment experience. This method ensures utmost security, safeguarding transactions against fraud and unauthorized access.

Through FuelCode, Instantic empowers truck drivers to refuel efficiently and securely at partner stations, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash transactions. By integrating FuelCode into the Instantic platform, businesses can streamline the fueling process, enhance transparency, and mitigate risks associated with traditional payment methods.

With its advanced security features and intuitive interface, FuelCode sets a new standard for secure and convenient transaction authorization in the transportation sector.
Payment Authorization Options
Receive a 7-digit code
What Do We Validate?
Once the FuelCode has been successfully imputed at the POS system, we instantly validate various refuelling criteria such as driver location, fuel type, available balance, liter amount, pricing, and more.
We Are Compatable
Our system can be integrated with your existing tech-stack. Consolidate your systems through an API connection in order to streamline your operational processes.
  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting
  • Mobile Apps,
  • CRMs + More
How Does it Work?

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