A holistic and customizable ecosystem with multiple tools for fuel purchase and partnership management.
Benefits of choosing Instantic

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  • Client & Partner Management
    Instantic simplifies client and partner management by providing a centralized platform for communication and collaboration. Easily manage relationships, track interactions, and streamline partnerships to enhance business efficiency and growth.
  • Secure & Reliable
    Zero-fraud and downtime deployments with auto-scale features for app servers and DB servers. Safe daty processing according to industry standards. Secure and regular data backups.
  • Custom Purchase Rules
    Take control of your fuel purchasing process with Instantic's customizable rules. Set specific purchase limits, fuel types, and authorization protocols tailored to your business needs, allowing for greater flexibility and cost control.
  • Data flow & Business Intelligence
    Streamlined financial processes and balance/cash-flow status administration. Multi-currency options and VAT handling - deliverable via API to competent authorities. Multi-levelled data reporting, analytics and datasets for Business Intelligence.
  • Invoicing & Reporting
    Automated billing, self-settlement and overdraft surcharges streamline financial processes. Integrated balance/cash-flow status administration. The system offers multi-currency options, handles VAT and excise duties - deliverable via API to competent authorities.
  • Compatability
    Instantic seamlessly integrates with your exisitng back- office systems in order to streamline your existing processes.
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